Mahogany & Ash Lamination Slimline Ballpoint Pen

The wood for this pen is laminated Mahogany (which has many different species so it’s hard to tell which one this specifically is) & Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) from the ruin of a broken tiller from our sailboat. The break happened on one of our recent trips and I was dumbfounded because I’d just refinished the entire tiller only a few months before. An examination of the break showed that the Ash had dry rotted while the Mahogany was just fine. Water had intruded into the wood through screw holes for my tiller extension, and my refinishing had only made it worse by sealing the moisture inside. I decided to make a pen from the broken handle, and this is the result. A friend liked it and bought it from me.

Cross style, and refills are readily available in most office supply stores.
The kit is a slimline.

Finish: Bee’s, carnauba, and paraffin wax with mineral oil.

Price: US$35
Item Ref No: MALSP0009
Status: Sold but a similar pen may be available. Click here to inquire.

Photo by Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry

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