Holly Fruit Muddler

Fruit Muddler2

I made this fruit muddler as a present for a friend who has an affinity for Mojitos. The wood is from some Holly branches collected from another friend’s yard trimmings a couple of months ago. The wood was still fairly green when I worked with it, so I got to experience the joy of watching 3-foot long shavings shoot past my shoulder as it turned on the lathe. Most of what I turn daily is either kiln or air dried. It was a real treat to turn something green for a change, just for the shear pleasure of it, plus Holly takes a fabulous finish because it’s so hard.

As its name suggests, the muddler is great for muddling or smashing fruit or herbs in a cocktail shaker or glass, such as cut limes and mint leaves for Mojitos. You can also use it for grinding fresh herbs like garlic, ginger, chillies, etc. to make pastes, or for crushing dried herbal seeds and spices on a board or bowl.

This muddler is 8″ long with approximates of 1.5″ rounds but I can make custom ones to fit your bar set or kitchen needs.

Price: US$30
Status: Available for custom order. Click here to inquire.

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