Black & White Ebony Bottle Stopper


Black & White Ebony (Diospyros embryopteris) is one of the prettier woods I work with and when it’s paired up with a solid piece of chromed steel, you can get some striking looks. This bottle stopper was made after a conversation with one of my best friends. I’d made a wine bottle stopper for her some time ago as a gift, but it was too tall for the capped bottle to fit into her fridge. She reminded me of it recently, so I gave this stopper a wide button shape instead of the long hand-gripping shape we normally see.

The stopper is equally useful for protecting your oil, vinegar and other liquids in storage bottles, and adds a touch of class to your kitchen counter.


Materials: Black & White Ebony wood, chrome steel, silicone O-rings which help seal most wine bottles.

Finish: Sanded to 400 grit, then 00 through 0000 steel wool.

Price: US$28
Item Ref No: 13-BWE-BS
Status: Available. Click here to inquire about purchasing.

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